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  2. Nedap Game Jam


    Nashville needs more game-creation focused events. We need game jams. We need art installations. We need to get people interested in the interactive medium. We need to expose the development process. We need to teach kids in schools that anyone can express themselves through games.

    Having said this, I will not be participating in the “Nedap Game Jam”, and will not be showing up to the regular Friday meetings starting today. I will probably not be returning to them until after the “Nedap Game Jam”. After we had a wonderful conversation about what the right thing to do for the Nashville scene is, he’s made the decision to use the his format as originally intended.

    I hope everyone in our scene will at least go into the jam knowing these facts;

    • You will not be developing a concept.
    • You will be working as a single team.
    • You do not own any of the work done during the duration of the Game Jam.
    • Exclusive rights to your time spent, assets, designs, music, all of it belongs to “Nedap”.
    • You will be signing a contract at the door.
    • The Game Jam is being filmed. This would be a positive thing, but I’m not confidant that we’re ready for it quite yet.

    I believe this event is toxic, not because of the people involved, but because of the decisions made around it. While the heart of the “Nedap Game Jam” is in the right place, I believe it to be not in the spirit of what Game Jams, or in the spirit of what they are based on (Film Festivals) is about.

    Understanding this, I hope you’ll be able to make an educated decision about whether or not to participate in the game jam. If you do participate, good luck and have fun! I look forward to seeing whatever comes out of it.

    Game Jams are about bringing people together to celebrate the act of creation. A microcosmic simulation of what full development is. Things made during jams usually never see the light of day. They don’t always have to. They exist to help you get better at your art, at your craft. If something amazing comes out of a jam, then maybe you consider working on it more with the people you met there. That’s a beautiful and amazing thing.

    Nashville needs amazing things. Nashville needs us to show them that games are meaningful. That they are the sum total of all arts, of all forms of expression before them, but made interactive.

    The Nedap Game Jam is counter to the soul of free and open creation, but I know it’s not intentional.

    While writing this quick post, someone I often disagree with made wrote a completely poignant tweet.

    You can learn more about the Nedap Game Jam or RSVP here.

    Learn more about Game Jams here.

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  8. Pink by sakimichan

    Pink by sakimichan

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  9. Process PSD: Matilda Caskett by Robaato

    Process PSD: Matilda Caskett by Robaato

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    Heartfall by Robaato

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  14. The main theme of Persona Q - Shadows of the Labyrinth in full CD quality audio. Shit’s AMAZING (the game, and the song)

    Awwww yeaaaaaaaa

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  15. Commission that I asked the wonderfully talented Jemma Salume to do for Golden Nights a while ago. :) 

HD—> http://37.media.tumblr.com/c6df64b3704ddb643e8066f633ed1391/tumblr_n731patoQH1qf0a7yo1_1280.png

    Commission that I asked the wonderfully talented Jemma Salume to do for Golden Nights a while ago. :) 


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