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  6. Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards

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  10. Station J by *Mr—Jack on deviantART | SF | Pinterest

    Station J by *Mr—Jack on deviantART | SF | Pinterest

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  13. Why violent games are fun AND important.


    I’m going to talk about something everybody likes talking about, but I’m not going to talk about it in the way most people agree with, or like to hear.  If you’re of the belief that violent videogames need to become a relic this might not be a read for you, yet I still respect your opinion.

    When I was little, I collected G.I Joes. I thought The Terminator was badass and seeing Kano rip a fighter’s still beating heart out was so cool.  On the flip side, I recall seeing news reports of the gulf war. Charred bodies, frozen in their final moments of agony.  My blood ran hot, tears started to run down my face and all I could think of is “oh my God. what if that was my Dad? or my Mom?” I began to bawl my eyes out in a terror and sadness I could barely comprehend.

    Humans are torn animals.  We’re complex enough in our thinking to recognize not all our desires should be pursued. We carry in our DNA remains from nameless ages. Times where terrible acts of murder, rape, thievery and carnage were keys to survival.  Thankfully, as we continue to collectively grow, so does our sense of empathy and compassion.  We know better, but we don’t always want to BE better.  So where are we left to safely handle those remnant visceral urges?

    We hunt, we wrestle, we tackle each other in physical contests of endurance, we race vehicles, we engage in consensual sex acts where one partner is subservient to the other in the bedroom, while fully respecting one another as equals once the fantasy ends.  


    It’s not just fun to pretend, it’s integral.  Halloween in the United States moves more individual pieces of merchandise than Christmas and Easter combined.  The costume stores stock more adult costumes than children.  Pretending is in our blood.  It doesn’t magically vanish once we hit 18.  We just learn where to place it better.

    Nobody has become a chart topping rapper just by playing Parappa The Rapper. Nobody has become a master chef after playing Cooking Mama.  While these acts of pretend can be good inspirational tools, they require years and years of dedication, support from friends, and real world experience.  Equally, Grand Theft Auto isn’t a hooker murder simulator, and Hotline Miami isn’t a guidebook for how to become a hit man.

    Sometimes we like to pretend we’re rock stars.  Sometimes we like to pretend we’re plumbers.  Sometimes we like to pretend we are bloody wrecking machines.  Violent games provide us a safe place to have these experiences.  Violence is fun, and despite the violent acts of a handful of psychopathic people, I have faith in the general consensus of humanity’s understanding between reality and fantasy.

    As years go on, I truly do hope to see more games that explore human concepts beyond crush, kill, destroy.  Conversely, I hope there never comes a day where those baser urges become shamed topics, squashed and stifled into complete silence.

    The creepiest people I have ever met are the ones who have tried the hardest to ignore and mask every unpleasant facet or desire of their being.  Forgetting to pretend can turn you into a monster hiding.

    I love Amon’s work. Looking forward to his new stuff like a finished and realized In The Kingdom.

    If you remember, I ordered a custom figure from him this year. :D

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  14. master - Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2  
(Indieszero - DS - 2009) 

    master - Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 2 

    (Indieszero - DS - 2009) 

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    Old Pixiv ID: 2353137
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